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Apeldoorn in Europe (English)

The European Union is an important partner to accelerate Apeldoorn’s ambitions. Apeldoorn and 'Europe' both aim for a clean future, in which economy and ecology are in balance. We actively cooperate with residents, businesses and organizations from Apeldoorn, the East of the Netherlands and other European cities and regions on the topics energy, circular economy, climate and cleantech work. We are open to explore new international collaborations to start innovative projects, make new contacts and exchange knowledge, to bring our common goal for a cleaner environment one step closer.

Mijn Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn: an introduction

The municipality of Apeldoorn (gemeente Apeldoorn) is situated in the east of the Netherlands and consists of the city of Apeldoorn and several villages. Apeldoorn has approximately 160,000 inhabitants and is strategically located between Amsterdam, Eindhoven and the Ruhr area, which are all within one hour travel distance. Apeldoorn is an important regional centre for work with over 100,000 jobs. It is known for its green character, royal history and the Veluwe, the largest forest area in the Netherlands.

Focus on Cleantech

Apeldoorn aims for a climate proof and energy neutral Apeldoorn by 2047. To achieve this we improve our green areas, reduce heat stress and increase the biodiversity of our flora and fauna. We stimulate sustainable energy and initiatives for zero emission housing and accelerate energy measures in the built environment and climate neutral public transport. And we reduce our domestic waste, aiming for an ambitious reduction of 30 kilos per person per year in 2025 (now 135 kilo).     
This focus we call Cleantech. With Cleantech, we aim for a clean future in which economy and ecology are in balance. This focus seamlessly adheres to the Europe 2020 strategy of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Our Cleantech focus consists of the following priorities:

  • Energy Transition
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate
  • Cleantech work

Apeldoorn is part of the Cleantech Region 

Cleantech RegionApeldoorn closely cooperates with local authorities, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes in the Cleantech Region. Together we want to achieve sustainable economic growth, realize an attractive business climate and a green living environment. The overall goal of the Cleantech Region is to be energy-neutral in 2030. By 2020, the Cleantech region wants to create 4.000 new cleantech related jobs, save a minimum of 200.000 tons of carbon dioxide and reduce domestic waste by 20.000 tons per year.

Open for European cooperation

We are open to explore new opportunities to cooperate with other European cities, regions, businesses and organizations. We want to learn from our partners, share experiences and best practices with other innovative cities and regions and work together in European funded projects on the common goal for a clean future. We offer a fieldlab environment to facilitate innovation and have a hands-on mentality. We translate our ambitions to concrete actions so we can learn by practice. We welcome you to join us to work together on European projects.
We are, together with our partners in the Cleantech Region, member of the European networks ERRIN (a.o. energy), ACR + (circular economy) and Climate KIC (climate) and use these networks to exchange ideas, find new partners and start European projects. 

Meet our representative in Brussels

If you would like to know more about the Apeldoorn’s European activities or if you would like to explore opportunities to cooperate in European projects, you can discuss this with our EU representative in Brussels. You can contact us through europa@apeldoorn.nl or by telephone, +31 55 580 15 55 (ask for EU team ‘Strategie & Regie’).


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