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Apeldoorn in Europe (English)

The European Union is an important player in realizing Apeldoorn's ambitions. Apeldoorn and 'Europe' are both committed to a clean future in which the economy and ecology are in balance. We find each other on topics such as energy, circular economy, climate and clean technology. By working together with companies, organizations and residents from Apeldoorn, the region and other European cities and regions, innovative projects can be started with the help of European resources and new contacts are made and knowledge is exchanged. This brings our common goal one step closer.

Mijn Apeldoorn

In order to achieve this result, the municipality of Apeldoorn is represented in Brussels and Apeldoorn participates in European networks. Apeldoorn also participates in events to share knowledge and seek collaboration. Under the banner of the Cleantech Region, Apeldoorn presents itself on the European stage.
The municipality of Apeldoorn is actively involved in the development and implementation of European projects. We do this in collaboration with Cleantech, in which we strive for a clean future in which economy and ecology go hand in hand. i. The Apeldoorn Cleantech focus consists of the following priorities:

  • Energy transition
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate change

We link these priorities to municipal tasks such as a city center without emissions, making (municipal) real estate more sustainable and Apeldoorn Energy Neutral. Our primary focus is on the Cleantech themes: we seize opportunities in other policy areas if specific opportunities present themselves.

Europe is all about cooperation

On a regional scale, Apeldoorn works together with partners from the Cleantech Region and the Veluwe. In order to create mass in Europe, Apeldoorn presents itself widely. From the Veluwe to the Cleantech Region. The strong partners from the Cleantech Region and the term Cleantech arouse a lot of interest in other cities and regions, which increases the chance of working together in European projects. If we say the name Veluwe, then the themes of climate, nature and biodiversity and tourism are interesting topics. In order to profile Apeldoorn and to be close to new European opportunities and collaborations, Apeldoorn, together with partners from the Cleantech Region and Veluwe, participates in the European networks ERRIN (including energy), ACR+ (circular economy) and Climate KIC (climate adaptation) and Europarc.

What can the municipality help with?

Apeldoorn's public affairs team is well aware of European programs such as Interreg NWE/Europe, ERDF. LIFE+ and Horizon Europe. We can help you find the right direction for your project idea. The municipality can also use its European networks and contacts in the region if you are looking for cooperation partners. If you see the municipality of Apeldoorn as a relevant and suitable partner within your European project idea, the team can help you find the right colleague from the relevant policy department to explore possible cooperation.
In addition, if you are an SME entrepreneur, you can use the services of Oost NL. Oost NL activities vary from informing SMEs about EU programs to reading project proposals and scanning, exploring and developing consortia.

Documents and more information

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the European activities in Apeldoorn, please contact projectsubsidie@apeldoorn.nl. If you would like to know more about the European projects, please visit: www.apeldoorn.nl/europese-projecten

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